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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Outside In

After Bill's post yesterday I tried watching the I Will Derive video again and just had to turn it off after 30 seconds.

So for the rest of us, here is a video showing how to turn a sphere inside out, first proved by Steve Smale fifty years ago. Not funny but much more interesting. Just make sure you leave yourself twenty minutes before you watch.

Thanks to Prahladh Harsha for the pointer.


  1. Actually, I referred Lance to this video after reading about it at Terry Tao's blog and having a lunch conversation with Steve Smale over the same.

    Outside In

  2. Lance- you only gave
    `I will derive'
    30 seconds! You missed
    some really bad dancing!

    bill g.

  3. That's an amazing video. Do you know who made it? I can't imagine anyone having the incentive to put in that much work!

  4. Sorry.. should have watched until the closing credits before posting :(