Friday, June 20, 2008

Karp Wins Kyoto Prize!

Fast breaking news: Karp wins the Kyoto Prize! See here
  1. Certainly deserved!
  2. Lets all congraduate him (hmmm- this may clog up his email.)
  3. Lets hope this gives some attention to computer science theory.
  4. Quoting from here about the philosophy of the prize it says Those worthy of the Kyoto will be people who have,as we at Kyocera, worked humbly and devotedly, sparing no effort to seek perfection in their chosen professions. Interesting- seems like you need to be a nice person as well as a brilliant scientist. As such, again, Karp deserves it.
  5. Its worth 50 million yen. 1 yen is 0.00942 dollars. So this is 471,000 dollars.


  1. Congrats to Dick Karp! Rather than clog his inbox, I suggest people post their comments to a forum such as this; this will also help us all savor these comments. Personal reminiscences from people who know him well, would be great. (Alas, though I have interacted with Dick, I don't know him personally.)

    Aravind Srinivasan

  2. What does it mean, "I don't know him personally"? When do you start to know someone (with whom you interact) "personally"?

    I would say that if you interact with someone, you know something of their personality and therefore know them somewhat personally.

  3. Let me add that Endre Szemeredi has been awarded a 2008 Rolf Schock Prize. See the list of recipients in Math to see how high the threshold is (the page linked to here is page 1; click at the bottom of the page for page 2).

    Congrats to Endre!

    Aravind Srinivasan