Thursday, June 26, 2008

On being local on the local org comm.

Comments on being on the local arrangements committee for CCC 2008.
  1. The local arrangements comm. was a joint effort with Richard Chang and Marius Zimand. Always good to have people checking each other.
  2. Lisa and Allison from the Conference and Visitor Services did alot of the nitty-gritty work like reserving rooms, buses, setting up websites, and being around. They have my sincerest thanks. The two student volunteers, Martin and Nicholas, were also helpful.
  3. Pierre McKenzie (Steering Committee Chair) and Paul Beame (Program committee chair) made alot of the decisions. This was Great!.
  4. Before, during, and after the conference I kept wondering is there something I should be doing?. The wondering was tiring, so if I fell asleep during your talk, thats why.
  5. There were many decisions that had to be made. Where on campus to have it? What layout should the room have? Bagels at Breakfast? What should go in the tote bag? What should be the logo on the tote bag? On the name badges? What hotels to use? What time should the shuttle bus be? What time should the business meeting be? Some were important. Some were not. but it drove me nuts and it never seemed to end.
  6. The hardest thing was making up the budget. It has to be based on how many people we think will come. Past attendence is some guide, but hard to say how good. (We got 81 which was good.)
  7. I got to go to the steering committee meeting this year and last year. I saw the corridors of powers! Alot of thoughtful (i.e. long) discussions on alot of issues- major and minor.
  8. Instead of saying `Sasha, congrads for winning the best student award!' I said `Sasha, make sure you fill out the forms to get your money!' Being local arrangements people changes your viewpoint.
  9. I am happy nothing went wrong. Before the conference I thought What if we have a loss? What if we have a profit? What if I go to jail--doing a nickel for being falsely accused of ripping of a conference..., Will the room be good?, Will the dorms be good? Will the hotels be good? and of course Will there be enough bagels?.
  10. Pierre, Paul, Lisa--Is there something I should be doing?


  1. It felt very well-organized. I enjoyed the conference. Thanks, Bill (and all others responsible).

    -Amit Chakrabarti

  2. That's how it goes, Bill - great description that applies too to my own experience. I still do not understand how it does happen, every now and then, that I sign up again for organizing some meeting. Maybe for the excuse to fall asleep during the talks.