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Friday, February 02, 2007

Bear Down, Chicago Bears

Only one topic dominates discussion in Chicago these days—the Bears in Super Bowl XLI, America's biggest sporting event. The Bears last played in the Super Bowl when I held my very first Super Bowl Party back in my first year of graduate school. The Bears won big that year and will do so again this Sunday.

I present to you Lyric Opera of Chicago's Bryan Griffin singing that famous aria Bear Down, Chicago Bears.

Or, if you prefer, the CSO Concert version.

Go Bears!


  1. Who knew that Russell has such a great voic!

  2. Thinking that the Bears will win on Sunday is as ridiculous as that bloke’s hair. And, have they been singing that song for the last 20 years? Cause, it hasn’t helped much in the previous 19! No Ditka, no Bears: Colts 72-tree.

  3. I can only imagine what Lance looked like as a young grad student, dancing along with the '85 Bears doing the "Super Bowl Shuffle".

    Don't deny it, either.

  4. In unrelated news, the Complexity Oscars are due to be announced today. Anyone know a website where one can find the list of accepted papers?

    Amit C.

  5. The list of accepted papers was posted to comp.theory. See

  6. And the list of accepted papers is posted on the CCC web site:

  7. Do the Colts have a theme song like this?