Thursday, August 04, 2005

Screenplays of Science

An email from Rocco Servedio.
Did you see this New York Times article? Thought you might be interested in pointing this out on the weblog, maybe a CS theory screenplay will come out of it… :)
Thanks Rocco though Suresh beat me to it. Reminds of this old (and just updated) post from the early days of this blog.

On a similar vein, my daughters are excited about Disney's new Virtual Magic Kingdom. Perhaps we need a Virtual Science Kingdom to get kids excited about math and science: Help Captain Complexity three color the map to save the Traveling Salesperson.


  1. The NYT articles mentions that the scientists debated over their favorite depictions of scientists. They included Numbers, Starman and Deep Impact.

    But what about A Beautiful Mind, Good Will Hunting, Pi, and Jurassic Park? Or all the hacker movies such as War Games, Sneakers, Hackers, Swordfish (where people use 128-bit Vernam encryption...but I digress). There was also MacGyver, for the more engineering types. Also, it should be interesting to see the upcoming adaptation of Proof.

  2. You forgot Donald in Mathmagic Land. It was a pillar of national security.

  3. Greg! That cracked me up. :-) As a kid all of that golden ratio stuff in Donald Duck just confused instead of enlightened.