Saturday, August 27, 2005 -- stinks (by Ryan O'Donnell)

Man, screwed that last post up in at least 3 different ways! Or maybe it was my fault. Anyway, hopefully the rest of the pictures appear below...

PS: My PS from the last post also got cut off; it said, "PS: Thanks very much to Lance for the opportunity to guest blog; it was a lot of fun. Thanks also for all the comments from readers."

1. (Correctly identified as Dimitris Achlioptas.)

2. (Correctly identified as Joan Boyar.)

3. (Correctly identified as Artur Czumaj.)

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. (Correctly identified as Pino Italiano.)

10. (Correctly identified as Mike Jordan.)

11. 12. 13. 14. 15. (Correctly identified as Tatsuaki Okamoto.)

16. (Correctly identified as Ren� Peralta.)

17. (Correctly identified as Jean-Jacques Quisqater.)

18. (Correctly identified as Eric Ruppert.)

19. (Correctly identified as Adam Smith.)

20. (Correctly identified as Adam Tauman Kalai.)

21. (Correctly identified as Alasdair Urquhart.)

22. 23. (Correctly identified as Rebecca Wright.)

24. 25. 26.


  1. Number 7 is John T. Gill III of Stanford University:

    I would like to donate my prize to charity.

    -Mugizi R. Rwebangira

  2. Number 25 is Ke Yang formerly of CMU now at either Microsoft or Google.

    -Mugizi R. Rwebangira

  3. Ryan,

    When "The Game" post was read by my aggregator (SharpReader) last night, it had all of the appropriate content.

    I then posted my comment to ID Rene Peralta. After viewing the web page (outside of my aggregator) to be certain that my comment was posted properly, I noticed that my comment was there, but that now only six of the pictures were visible. My aggregator kept the complete list, until this morning. So does have a bug and it is likely in their comments software.

    Just a quick note: I thought I was the only goofball playing "guess-who" with my friends. I regularly replace "my picture" in MSN messenger with that of a famous mathematician that I admire and wait for friends to "guess the mathematician". Is this condition genetic or contagious?


  4. #12 is Phil Long


  5. #6 is Jon Feldman.

  6. #14 -> Ashwin Nayak. (I think.)

  7. #6 is Jon Feldman.

    Can I donate my prize to my lunch?

    - H

  8. #26 is Shiyu Zhou

  9. #13 is Akira Maruoka

  10. No. 14 is Anil Hirani and Ashwin Nayak.

  11. No. 25 is Ke Yang.

  12. #11 is Daphne Koller. This photo appears at her web page

  13. No. 4 is Danny Dolev.

  14. The last one: SHIYU ZHOU

  15. #8 is Ulrich Hertrampf