Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Theory Still Thrives at IBM

Ron Fagin writes in response to my post The New Research Labs.

Lance has invited us to give an update on the state of theory at the IBM Almaden Research Center, and I am happy to do so. The Theory Group at IBM Almaden has a long and distinguished history. I first formed the group in 1979. Over the years, many leading theoretical computer scientists have been members of the group, either as regular Research Staff Members or as "temporary members" (including Visiting Scientists, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Summer Interns). Former members of the theory group have held and still hold a variety of positions in premier institutions, including deanships and endowed chairs in top universities.

The primary mission of Theory Group members has always been to do first-rate research in theoretical computer science. Our primary mission remains the same today: to do world-class science. This is our raison d'etre. In addition, group members spend a portion of their time interacting with other research teams at IBM. This has led to a number of successes. Many times we have been in the happy scenario where such work has led not only to impact on IBM products, but also to exciting, leading-edge theory. This balance of activities has led to a very stable environment where Theory Group members enjoy the strong support of the organization.

Every research group, including the Theory Group, experiences turnover. In recent months, there has been more turnover than usual in the Theory Group, because of new opportunities in Silicon Valley. The Theory Group has a number of open slots to hire outstanding theoretical computer scientists, for both Research Staff Member and Postdoctoral positions. The availability of these positions is an affirmation that the Theory Group will continue its mission, and maintain its long tradition of excellence.


  1. Can somebody tell more about post-docs at IBM and who can apply and what are the criteria?

  2. Yes. If you have to ask, it is not for you.