Friday, August 26, 2005

The Game (by Ryan O'Donnell)

Adam Klivans and Rocco Servedio and I used to play what we called The Game. To play The Game, you email the others a picture of a person in theoretical computer science. The others' job is to identify that person. I was reminded of The Game recently when looking at Homin Lee's look sharp, think sharp, act sharp page. No one gets any points for identifying the people on that page -- they're way too easy. (Also the pictures are links to home pages.)

For my last blog entry, I thought we could all play The Game. Lance has generously offered $26 in prizes; the first commenter to identify any given person wins a buck (you need to post non-anonymously, obviously). One rule: no poster is allowed to identify him- or herself. Hint: the number 26 has its obvious significance. Caveat: some of this was done with Google Image Search; if I got the wrong person, I apologise.

1. 2. (Person on the left. )3.4. 5. 6. (In the green sweater.)


  1. Ryan,

    Good posts this week. Fun game too.

    #16 is Dr. Rene Peralta, currently at Yale University. The photo can be found here:

    If I'm the first to guess correctly, any awarded prizes should be donated to charity.


    p.s. I'll see if I can guess any others shortly. I have a few ideas.

  2. #2 is Joan Boyar.
    #3 is Artur Czumaj.

    I only see up to #6.
    Where is # 16?

  3. There seem to be some issues with the post or with my network connectivity. I see all 26 pictures on the LiveJournal syndication feed, but only 6 at . It also doesn't seem to be the top weblog entry when I visit directly.

    In any case, here are some guesses:

    #10 is Michael Jordan.
    #14 looks maybe a little like Manoj
    Prabahakaran, but I couldn't swear
    to it.
    #17 is Jean-Jacques Quisquater.
    #19 is Adam Smith, from his web page.
    #20 looks like Adam Kalai.
    #23 looks like Rebecca Wright.

    Now of course if I guessed wrong, or if I missed people I should have identified, I've just humiliated myself in front of everyone. Oh well.

  4. Nobody recognizes Dimitris (#1)
    from his partying days?

  5. Number 9 is Giuseppe F. (Pino) Italiano from Universit� di Roma "Tor Vergata".

  6. 15 is Tatsuaki Okamoto
    18 is Eric Ruppert
    21 is Alasdair Urquhart

  7. No fair... I only see 6 pictures.

  8. #11 is Daphne Koller?

    - Shobha

  9. #8 is Ulrich Hertrampf, University of Stuttgart, Germany