Monday, January 14, 2008

Invited Post on Invited Speakers Website

Iftah Gamzu requested that I post on the following topic. When I began to do it, I realized that his email to me, edited slightly, says it all and says it all well. So here is a guest post by Iftah Gamzu:

My name is Iftah Gamzu, and I'm a PhD student in Tel Aviv University. Some time ago, several people brought to my attention the need for a web page that will list past invited speakers in theory conferences. They mentioned that such web page would help program committees, and especially program chairs in the decision of who to invite to present plenary talks. Consequently, I devised such web page


Unfortunately, there are still missing pieces of information that I couldn't track down on the web. SO, if you know some of the missing info, please email me at


  1. great Job, Iftach. As a cryptographer, would be great if you also add CRYPTO, EuroCrypt and TCC (Theory of Cryptography). Indeed, every time I'm on the committee of these conferences, we have hard time remembering who was invited when. So adding these conferences would be fantastic!
    Yevgeniy Dodis

  2. Perhaps this information can be added to the Wikipedia pages for the conferences? (Are there wikipedia pages for each conference?)