Thursday, June 16, 2005

Where will you be next year?

As the long computer science recruiting season has pretty much finished we go around conference like STOC and Complexity asking "Where will you be next year?" But often you won't find out the new job a person has until you see their name tag at a conference in the fall or Google has caught up with their new home page.

So if you are have recently taken or will take a new position we want to know. Leave a comment on this post and tell us your new job whether in industry or academic at any level (professor, postdoc or even starting graduate school).

To all who post I say in advance: "Congratulations and Good Luck!"


  1. Vladlen Koltun is going to Stanford.

    James Lee is going to Washington university.

    Sushi would be served in Madison, Wisconsin.

    Manoj is going to UIUC.

    And Elvis? Well, he is planning to stay where he is.

  2. To be accurate, I will be joining the University of Washington next year. (Washington University, on the other hand, is in St. Louis.)

    Until then, I'll be at the Institute, so drop me a line if you're passing through Princeton.

    Thanks to all those who made this exhausting process bearable. Now, everyone enjoy the summer.

  3. Misha Aleckhnovich: UCSD math