Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FOCS Accepts

The list of accepted papers for the upcoming FOCS Conference has been posted (via Suresh via Bacon). Given recent comments the Internet really raises expectations on how fast we get to see the list. As I write this the list still has a mysterious "One extra paper" at the end.

In complexity two of the unique games papers I mentioned on Monday will be at FOCS. Some other interesting looking complexity papers:

Looks like the big area winners at FOCS are upper and lower bounds on approximation, electronic commerce and cryptography.


  1. You can now find "Every decision tree..." at my home page,

    -- Ryan

  2. I would love to hear from people who have been on PCs (Lance, Suresh, Michael, Luca, ...) the reason for the reviews to the authors coming a week after the decision has been made.

    While merge issues may preclude the publication of the list of accepted papers, they do not hold up the reviews.

    Perhaps there's an obvious reason which my fellow students and I are unaware of...

  3. no real reason. FOCS/STOC/SODA use the same commenting system, which means that all reviews are already packaged into the paper page by the time decision are made.

    Different committees run things differently, but there can also be a period where people "sanitize" their comments before they are sent out.

  4. Comments take a week or so to arrive, because the PC members are asked after the committee meeting to move as much as possible of their reports to the comments to the authors portion. Since it is important that authors would receive comments on the papers (especially the rejected one), I fail to see the problem with the current system.