Monday, June 06, 2005

The Wife and The Mistress

An old math joke:
Three friends from college went on to become a doctor, lawyer and a mathematicians. They met back at reunion and the discussion went to whether it was better to have a wife or a mistress.

The doctor said "a wife" because having a monogamous relationship limited the risk of disease.

The lawyer said "a mistress" to avoid all of those nasty legal obligations of marriage.

The mathematician said "Both." "Both?" echoed the doctor and lawyer simultaneously. The mathematician responded "Of course both. That way your wife thinks you are with the mistress, the mistress thinks you are with the wife and finally you have time to do some math."

In that vein, to everyone at the Oberwolfach Complexity workshop, I wish I could attend but I have a conflict with the ACM Conference on Electronic Commerce. To everyone at EC sorry I couldn't be there but there is a complexity workshop in Oberwolfach. Now leave me alone and let me do some math.

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