Thursday, May 04, 2017

Summer Conferences

Ahh summer. No Classes. Baseball. Opera Festivals. Time to focus on research and starting a new book. But, of course, many computer scientists travel the world to various conferences. I went to too many last year and trying to cut down but many great options abound.

The STOC 2017 Theory Fest, June 19-23 in Montreal, five days of conference talks, tutorials, invited lectures and so much more. Sanjeev Arora has the details over at Windows on Theory.

The ACM celebrates 50 years of Turing Awards with a special conference June 23-24 in San Francisco. Tim Berners-Lee takes home this year's prize.

The Computational Complexity Conference, that meeting that shares its domain with this blog, holds its annual get together July 6-9 for the first time in Latvia. Latvia gave us Juris Hartmanis, one of the founders of the field. Travel grants available for students and "needy researchers", you don't have to be an author to apply.

Computability in Europe, June 12-16 in Turku, Finland. Economics and Computation, June 26-30 at MIT. Computational Geometry, July 4-7 in Brisbane. ICALP, July 10-14 in Warsaw. Random/Approx, August 16-18 in Berkeley.

If I missed your favorite events, well that's why we have comments.


  1. Of course, LICS this year is in Iceland!

  2. One shouldn't forget about the Highlights of Algorithms (HALG 2017) conference,, taking place in Berlin, June 9-11,2017, with speakers including Arora, Babai, Bansal, Mathieu, Roughgarden, and many others.

  3. COLT 2017 is in Amsterdam July 7--10.

  4. ISSAC in Kaiserslautern, July 25-28 (

    FoCM in Barcelona, July 10-19 ( Yes, that's a 10-day conferences.

  5. If all works out well for me, Classes will be a part of my summer....I hope baseball can be squeezed in there too.

    But it sounds like the life of a renowned computer scientist is abundant with enlightening and exotic travels!