Saturday, April 01, 2017

William Rowan Hamilton- The Musical!

With the success of Hamilton,the musical on broadway (for all of the songs and the lyrics to them see here- I wonder who would buy the CD since its here for free)  Lin-Manuel Miranda looked around for other famous figures he could make a musical about. Per chance I know Lin's college roommates father and I suggested to him, more as a joke, that Lin-Manuel could make a musical about

William Rowan Hamilton

Well, Lin-Manuel heard about this and noticed that

William Rowan Hamilton

has the exact same number of syllabus as

Alexander Hamilton.

Hence some of the songs would be able to have the same cadence.  He has gone ahead with the project! He has asked that I beta test the first song by posting it, so I will:

William Rowan Hamilton

Lin-Manuel will be reading the comments to this blog- so please leave constructive comments about the song and the idea.


  1. I can't even begin to believe you're trying to take credit for this, even as an April Fool's.

    SMH, Bill, SMH.

  2. the only thing I am taking credit for is giving Lin he IDEA for the awesome WILLIAM ROWAN HAMILTON musical. However, I should give credit to Science Acapella which did indeed sing the song and may have had a very large hand in writing it. (They have other awesome songs too.)

    And I THANK you for the acronym SMH (Shake My Head) which I had not seen before.

  3. Bravo !!!

    Rumor has it too, that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are casting a Broadway production of the quantum computing debate between Aram Harrow and Gil Kalai, provisionally titled "The Church of the Larger Hilbert Space".

    The Quantum Supremacist  Andrew Rannells sings "I Believe [the Book of Paul Dirac]"

    The Quantum Skeptic  Neil Patrick Harris sings "It's Not Just for Nerds Anymore"

    It's hope-inducing — wonderfully hope-inducing — that researchers (especially younger researchers) are taking humanity's STEAM-enterprise seriously … meaning integratively …in the broadest feasible sense(s). :)