Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Busy Time of The Year

It's spring break week at Northwestern so life is supposed to be quiet. No such luck.

Endre Szemerédi will receive the 2012 Abel Prize, perhaps the most prestigious annual award in mathematics. Tim Gowers has a nice summary of his work.

With this tweet the head of Yahoo Research officially leaves for Google.
This likely marks the beginning of the end for what was a great corporate research environment.

FOCS submission deadline is April 4. There are some minor changes in the submission format from last year.

Registration for the ACM Turing Centenary Event is full but students can still attend through a limited number of ACM SIGACT Student Scholarships.

Registration for STOC is now live. The final program will be posted soon.
Even as I write this post, breaking news that U. Illinois president Michael Hogan resigned. Can't wait to see what Jeff has to say about this.


  1. Szemeredi's Abel Prize is a great news, I'm surprised it's not more discussed in the community. It's not only the first winner in discrete maths, but it's also the first winner with any connection to CS. The citation starts with "for his fundamental contributions to discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science" Wow!