Thursday, November 17, 2011

Short Bits

Because some things are too long to tweet and too short for their own blog post.

What's the algorithm for the perfect sushi? Enjoy it with some cool refreshing SODA in Kyoto. Early registration deadline is December 20th and lots of travel support still available (apply by Nov 29).

What's new for STOC 2012 in New York City? An open call for workshops (apply by Dec 2) and a best student presentation award. Practice up. Please also nominate people for Gödel, Knuth and SIGACT Distinguished Service prizes.

Google scholar citations now open to all. Now you can see my papers at Google, Microsoft, ACM, DBLP and my own papers page. Google has the best stats and ranking, DBLP the best links, my page the most accessible downloads and Microsoft has the coolest graphics.

Google gives all the stats so we can rank job applicants. Why stop there? Google can use their magic algorithms to tell us who to hire. No more messy recommendation letters and awkward interviews.

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  1. Kyoto is not well known for sushi: it's land-locked. Kyoto is more famous for "Kaiseki":