Friday, June 04, 2010

STOC and EC and Complexity, Oh My

Tomorrow I'm off to Cambridge, MA for the 42nd Symposium on the Theory of Computing (STOC), the 25th Conference on Computational Complexity (CCC) and the 11th Conference on Electronic Commerce (EC). Looking like a big crowd. The hotels are full. There are more STOC tutorial registrants than seats in the tutorial room. CCC is threatening to cut off registration. Too many people is a good thing. We'll always find a way to squeeze people in.

These are the three summer conferences I go to regularly so I am registering and attending all three (anyone else?), even if it means racing back and forth across Oxford Street to catch people and talks at both the EC and CCC conferences. Bill will also be at STOC and Complexity. If you see us say hi.

These conferences also mark the beginning of summer for me as we just finished up spring quarter classes at Northwestern. 

Blogging will be light next week. Obviously a busy time and Bill never posts when traveling. I'll give updates via Twitter but don't expect live tweets from the STOC business meeting as I'm the MC this year. I'll do my best to keep it lively.

We do this all again next year as all three conferences are part of the FCRC meeting in San Jose.

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  1. Idea: a website for people to comment on the papers and talks after them. I think it will be useful, What do you think?