Monday, February 01, 2010

Travel Support for Grad Students who GOTO STOC 2010

If you are a grad student and want to goto STOC 2010 there is travel support money that you can apply for. See here for details.

What is the best way to get this information out? What is the best wayy to get any kind of information out?
  1. Websites. For STOC there is an obvious website, and indeed it is there under Travel Support. This works for conferences. It does not work if the info is hidden deep in a non-obvious place OR if its not there and should be. This happens more than it should. Big Plus: Posting on a website is NOT intrusive like email.
  2. Blogs: There are so many blogs and its not clear who reads which ones. Also, some do not do annoucements like this. However, blogs are not intrusive and some people who did not know the info now do.
  3. Email: We all get too much and ignore lots of it. Not reliable. See this blog entry for more on that.
  4. Twitter: There are still people who don't get tweets. I am one of them. Though I do read Lance's Tweets on the Complexity Home Page---to see how he tweets my posts.
  5. Facebook: There are still people who don't do facebook. I am one of them. I may have to at some point. See here.

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  1. As for #2, you should know some of the demographics of the people that read your blog. I recommend Google Analytics.