Friday, March 13, 2009

Skimming Journals

Many journals have an email service where they will send you a table of contents each issue so you can keep up with what is in the journal, see for example Theory of Computing. I find these services invaluable as otherwise I wouldn't remember to check each journal and I like seeing what papers each journal has. Many of the societies and professional publishers require that you have a digital subscription to get the emails, supposedly an "added extra". But these journals lose the chance to advertise their papers to non-subscribers by making these email services unavailable for them.

In the last couple of weeks somehow I have been involuntarily subscribed to some email contents of a few lesser known journals. I'm not sure whether someone hopes I mention these journals on the blog, or is subscribing many theorists, or is just playing a big practical joke (don't get any ideas). But please don't do it. Feel free to send me a single email asking me if I want to subscribe. But if I get subscribed where I have to opt out instead of opting in, I will opt out every time.

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  1. The RSS feed for the posts seems to not be working (the comments feed is fine, though). Is there a good reason?