Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Deadline Extension for NSF Theoretical Foundations Grant Proposals

(Guest post from Richard Beigel, NSF Theory Director, paraphrased. Any bad spelling or grammar you can attribute to me.)

Because of questions about the deadline in the Theoretical Foundations (TF) 2008 solication, the Theory of Computing program will accept revised Project Descriptions via Fastlane until 11:59pm EDT March 31, 2008. I cannot speak for other program directors. If your proposal is for a different program in TF, please contact your program director directly with any questions.
The link about this grant is here


  1. Does this mean that he did not get enough proposals?
    Could be a good news
    for those who have submitted.

  2. This doesn't sound right. What questions exactly? The solicitation doesn't appear to be ambiguous. Why is this not done through regular NSF channels? Is there an official announcement somewhere? Not even the PI's on submitted proposals have been notified.

  3. What I think happened is that the March 31 due date appeared on the NSF web site at some point by accident. I had checked the website in late December or early January and recalled seeing March 31 as the due date and then checking back not long after that to see the March 19 date. I had convinced myself that I must have been mistaken but I suspect that I wasn't.