Saturday, March 15, 2008


Our weblog has joined the Scientific American Partner Network. You won't see any changes in the blog (besides the logo). You will continue to get the same wit and wisdom from Bill and I right here

We are joining the network to help promote the blog and to enter in a joint advertising agreement. We'll never get rich off this weblog, but money is good.


  1. Can I expect the first order of business to be the elimination of full text feeds?

  2. Sorry for possibly being annoying, but it bugs me that people over-correct their grammar and say things like
    wisdom from Bill and I (this post)
    better to email Lance or I (a couple of posts back).
    It should be "me", not "I". Think of the phrases "wisdom from me" or "email me" (not "email I").

  3. Who gets the money? It would be great to contribute to theorymatters, or some such community organization, since it is the community that makes this blog a success.