Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Blog by Mitzenmacher-BIASED COIN

Michael Mitzenmacher has a theory blog! There is a pointer to his blog from my blog page so you can use that OR just go here. The blog is called
My Biased Coin
which makes more sense than
Shtetl Optimized
and gives him a wider scope than
Computational Complexity
His mandate:
My take on Computer Science, Algorithms, Networking, Information Theory, and Related Items.
I wish him well. Since I did not cover FCRC in my blog, I urge my readers to see his post on the CCC talks at FCRC. (no CCC does not stand for Computational Complexity Conference, though it used to). For that matter, also see Scott Aaronson's coverage of FCRC here. (I may post about the Plenary talks at FCRC later as neither of those two have.)

The Blog game is more cooperative than competitive. I'm glad they posted on parts of FCRC so I don't have.

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  1. I was wondering if any of you have ever talked about the powers that a graduate student has (ahem, might sound funny) when it comes to decide the time of his graduation.

    In particular I am concerned about the following. What a student (lets say in CS Theory) can do if he thinks he is ready to graduate (for example by having enough stoc/focs publications) but because of possible conflicts with his advisor, he is not able to.

    I understand that universities usually have rules regarding advisor change and so on, but I am not quite sure to what extent they actually work? Fellow faculty might not want to accept the guy as their student because of many possible reasons (interdepartmental politics, funding, etc.)!

    Just to note it, I have amazingly supportive and smart (literally!) advisor and do not see any problems whatsoever during/after my PhD. The thought comes to me after meeting with a fellow student who has been in my department for last 7.5 years and has a reasonable list of publications but still unable to graduate for God knows what reason.