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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Another Satisfied Customer

You attend the University of Chicago for three years, take a few years off and come back to finish your Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. You worked really hard to get that degree but you have trouble finding a job afterwards. What do you do? How about setting small fires in a number of University of Chicago buildings including the elevator in Ryerson Hall, home of computer science.

Luckily no one was hurt and there was very little property damage. Thanks to Nita Yack, our department administrator, and others who quickly put out the fire before it caused any real damage. Thanks also to the university and Chicago police who quickly caught the culprit.


  1. She sounded mentally unstable to start with. The reasons she left and came back aren't really discussed, but it could have been due to a psychological break. (Given that her family is paying the $1 million bail we can rule out monetary reasons for her leaving.)

  2. that article doesn't say a thing about her not being able to get a job and her family seems to be rich enough to pay a million dollar bail. the reason she states that she torched the university was because "they made her work too hard".

  3. You don't have to be rich to come up with 10% ($100k) for a bail bond.

    Just be thankful that no one was hurt: I recall a story about a seemingly normal CS PhD student that went off the handle and killed his entire committee at Iowa State many years ago. He was set to pass his defense, but apparently, the reason was that they wouldn't pass him with "distinction" or something.

  4. Oh, I disagree with the last post. I think he should be a Physics PhD student at University of Iowa.

  5. there was also some math (or was it CS?) grad student who was really rich who shot and killed his advisor in the 80s I think. Not sure but it seemed like it was at Harvard or some such Ivy league place. I remember they showed him on TV after he was released from jail and he made some sort of snarky remark that "I can't guarantee that I won't kill again because it cannot be logically proved" or some such nonsense.