Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Jonathan and Me

My brother is out in California co-producing a movie Certifiably Jonathan, a quasi-documentary about Jonathan Winters. The basic story: Jonathan Winters loses his sense of humor and visits a number of comedians (such as Robin Williams and Rob Reiner) to help him get it back.
When I was out in California in August, I had the opportunity to watch a filming of a segment of the movie. Howie Mandel decided to take Jonathan to the Target because you can find anything (including a sense of humor) at the Target. I watched as Howie and Jonathan first met where Howie had this look of awe while talking to his idol. For the film they drove around the store in the handicapped carts making some pretty funny jokes along the way.
Afterwards I had lunch with Jonathan and the crew from the movie which was where the picture above was taken. Jonathan spent most of the time telling stories of his youth, sometimes sad but always in a funny way.
I know many of you readers are too young or foreign to know who Jonathan Winters is. But for an American of my generation it was great fun to meet and talk to one of the funniest people alive.


  1. He's a funny, funny, funny, funny man.

  2. Is Winters the one on the left?

  3. It looks a lot like an episode of Star Trek: TNG, but it was with Data trying to get a sense of humor.

  4. Too young! Too foreign!

    OK, guilty on both counts.

    NEVER heard of this guy, but I hope the movie turns out well.

  5. Jonathan Winters was a somewhat regular cast member on the 70s comedy "Mork and Mindy". I think he played Mork's son with the joke being that on Mork's home planet you were born old and got younger. Obviously, Jonathan made a lot of baby noises during his stint. :)