Monday, January 26, 2004

Howdy from Amsterdam

I have returned to Amsterdam for the week. I did my sabbatical in Amsterdam seven years ago and I always enjoy the visit. Yesterday I saw the soccer team Amsterdam Ajax beat NEC (the team from Nijmegen, not my previous employer). Today I am visiting CWI, the Dutch math and computer science institute in the group of Harry Buhrman (my most prolific co-author) and Paul Vitányi (who co-wrote the book on Kolmogorov complexity).

Also visiting CWI is Kolya Vereshchagin from Moscow. I had an interesting idea about Kolmogorov complexity but Vereshchagin had the same idea weeks ago. Hate when that happens.

Tomorrow is Hein Röhrig's Ph.D. defense. Hein always wanted me to mention him in this weblog having mentioned both of his officemates, John Tromp and Ronald de Wolf, before. So here is my graduation present to Hein.

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