Thursday, July 03, 2003

Complexity Abstracts

In the early years of the complexity conference, some researchers complained that if they had new results or their papers were not accepted in the conference, their results would not be known. So we started up Complexity Abstracts, an electronically available document where anyone can publish a one-page abstract of their work. The abstracts were made available right before the conference.

Last year, the first abstracts editor, Bill Gasarch, resigned his job after 11 years of collecting the abstracts. Personally I thought that in this new internet age, with sites like ECCC, the Complexity Abstracts were no longer as valuable a resource. But at the business meeting of last year's conference the Abstracts were greatly supported and Steve Fenner volunteered to take on the job of editor.

Fenner's first collection has just been posted ahead of the Complexity Conference next week in Denmark.

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