Sunday, October 08, 2023

Young Sheldon gets two things spot-on/Am I more famous than.../Might YS become TS?

 Young Sheldon  is a TV show that I used to only watch on airplanes, but then i got into it and am now up to date. The wonders of technology! Note that catching up on a show would have been harder when I was a kid. (This is NOT a we had it rough in my day thing.)

1) There is an episode where Sheldon, his professor, and his Meemaw (grandmother) collaborate. When its done Meemaw is disappointed to here that all they have is a prototype and the real experiment will need a machine as big as the building they are in and won't be done for 30 years. Contrast  this to when a TV show shows people proving P=NP on a Monday and using it to do stuff on Tuesday (I blogged about this here). And there are other examples where a basic science discovery is useful in far less time then it would be in the real world. 

2) A young Sheldon Cooper has the idea for bitcoin and explains it to his brother. His brother is not as smart as Sheldon in math and science but DOES understand business. As such, he gave the best description of bitcoin I ever heard here.

(ADDED LATER: A commenter left a link to a blog post about why bitcoin is NOT a scam. The link is the text of the link and clickable. Here is a clickable version: HERE

3) I looked up the actress who plays Missy (Sheldon's twin sister) on Young Sheldon. I got the name off of the Young Sheldon page but she does not have a Wikipedia entry. I do have a Wikipedia page. That doesn't seem right since  I am sure that more people say

I want to know more about the actress who plays Missy on Young Sheldon.

then say

I want to know more about that guy who coblogs with Lance.

The set of people who have Wikipedia page seems somewhat arbitrary.

4)  Iain Armitage plays young Sheldon.

In Season 6 Sheldon is 13. See timeline of Young Sheldon

In Season 6 Iain A is 15. See Wikipedia Page for Iain A

If the actors strike goes on for 2 more years then Iain  will be a 17 year old playing a 14 year old. That might not work. They may need to change the name of the show to Teen Sheldon.

The show itself joked about this (intentionally?). When Sheldon is watching Beverly Hills 90210 he asks his father George do you know why this character is depressed ? George answers because he's a teenage who looks 30 years old.

But the real question is- might the strike really affect Child Actors who age-out faster than they would have? I know this is a minor problem compared to the other problems  actors have, but I thought it was worth noting.


  1. Dunno about anyone else, but I'm way more interested in the guy who coblogs with Lance than the abovementioned child actress. (Although she is good and does get some good lines. The early one about checking out the folks who had checked out the win friends and influence people book was brilliant.)

    But that definition of bitcoin isn't correct. Bitcoin isn't a scam; it's a mechanism for supporting frauds and scams. (There were a couple of interesting thread on this over at Andrew G's blog.* We had fun stomping on a guy arguing bitcoin was useful in the one I linked.)


    I'm impressed that you've kept up with watching young sheldon. Here, we watched the first few and really really liked them, and then found the jokes getting stale fast. Maybe I'll try to persuade our CEO to put up with the stale. (Maybe "stale" isn't quite correct: they're new jokes but the identical context to the previous ones make them feel stale.)

  2. (This is bill)
    1) Ind. of who people want to look up more on Wikipedia, Raegan Revord (the actress who plays Missy) should have a page. I do not know what the criteria is but I would think she is above the threshold.
    (Thanks for saying you are more interested in my life- though you may be rare as such for the public, though not so much for readers of this blog.)

    2) Is bitcoin a scam? A good topic for a computationalcomplexity blog post. OH- Andrew G already did that? Might still be a good topic for a cc blogpost.

    3) As for watching YS- I mostly watched reruns- DVRing them and then doing one-a-day. Not sure that makes it more or less repetitive,but it gets to be a habbit. Mostly watched while cooking.

  3. The actress JoAnn Willette played 14-year-old Connie on the show Just the Ten of Us when she was 24 years old. Admittedly this is nothing more than an interesting outlier, but it's the example I think of for actors playing younger than they are.

  4. (bill) Nancy Cartwright who is 65 does the voice of Bart Simpson who is 8. That probably does not count. Also, if we include animated characters then there may be voice-actors which a bigger gap, though I doubt there are voice-actors who have a big gap for a TV series running over 30 years.

  5. The comment that included the link to Andrew Gelman's blog seems to have disappeared.

    1. (Bill) I do not know what caused this (the simulation theory perhaps?) If that was your comment please post the comment again. OH- that goes for ANYONE reading this- if you were the poster, please comment again.

    2. I have restored the comment. I found it in my mail and pushed publish and it appeared at the beginning of the blog where it had been. Really do not know what caused that. (bill)