Friday, July 23, 2021

Technical Difficulties

After returning from vacation last weekend (hello North Dakota--my 49th state visited), all sorts of odd problems arose. This blog stopped working, a P v NP paper was published on the ACM Transactions of Computing website and my personal emails were getting marked as spam. All is better, I hope.

Years ago I donated the URL to the Computational Complexity Conference, coincidentally held this past week, with the condition that I could continue to use the "blog" subdomain for this blog. Organizations continue but the people in them change, and when the website was "upgraded" on Saturday the pointers to make this blog work were left out. Thanks to Ashwin Nayak for getting it all straightened out and we're back online.

For the ToCT paper, a paper claiming to reduce 3-SAT to 2-SAT, and thus show P = NP, was originally rejected by the journal but a "disposition field" got inadvertently set to accept and wasn't caught until it showed up online. Editor-in-Chief Ryan O'Donnell quickly got on the case and ACM has removed the paper. P v NP remains as open as ever.

Fixing the email required me to learn far more about SPFs than I ever wanted to know.

By the way if anyone in Idaho wants to invite me to give a talk, I might be interested.

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