Friday, April 12, 2013

You should apply for STOC and/or CCC travel money (students)

Once again there is some money from ACM and from NSF for students to goto STOC, and I am the one to send the applications to. The link for info on how to apply is on the STOC webpage, but I give it here as well. Note that the deadline is April 16.

ALSO there is travel money for CCC: see here (though I am NOT the one to send applications for that one).

If you are a grad student going to STOC and CCC then you SHOULD apply for both. If you are a grad student going to STOC but NOT CCC then you SHOULD apply for STOC. If you are a grad student going to CCC but not STOC then you SHOULD apply for CCC. If you are a grad student going to neither then... well, I have no advice for you.

  1. The application process is EASY.
  2. Not that many have applied so you have a chance. But see next note.
  3. THIS blog posting may make point 2 false.
  4. For STOC it was only one applicant per advisor; however, we have RAISED it to TWO.
  5. There is a priority for members of underrepresented groups. This DOES NOT just mean Women and minorities, it also means people from institutions that don't normally send students to STOC. However, you should APPLY even if you don't fit these descriptions.
  6. We prefer people whose advisor don't have the money to send them, or are at least short on cold hard cash.
  7. So what I really want you to is tell people who should want to go but either don't quite know what it is or don't have the money.
  8. The above are only priorities. We want to support students as much as we can, so we will be spending money, not hoarding it. Even if you thing you have low priority for one of the reasons above, you should still apply. And again- APPLYING IS EASY.
  9. The deadline is April 16, so get to it!
This also raises the question: SHOULD you goto STOC? YES
  1. Even if you are a first year theory grad students its good to see whats out there.
  2. Things you see may inspire you. My interest in Ramsey Theory came partially from seeing a STOC talk by Lipton or Chandra of Furst on bounds on Multiparty Comm Complexity that used the Gallai-Witt theorem
  3. You get to meet people. Note that many of the people who proved basic theorems are still alive.
  4. If you are work in complexity and also apply for the Student Travel Grant for CCC, and get both, you can goto BOTH!

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