Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Ralph Kramden: Your wait is over! 3D-TV is here!

(This was written before I saw Lance's post on gadgets. This post could be called an unintentional co-post. Is that a word? Now it is!)

In The Honeymooners episode that aired on Oct 1, 1955 Ralph Kramden does not want to buy a TV set because I'm waiting for 3D TV. He could be called the ultimate last blocker.

Well Ralph, your wait is over! 3D TV is here if you have 9000 dollars to spend. And you should look here for more information.
  1. I won't buy it until its MUCH cheaper and MUCH better. Actually I may not buy it at all. Do I really need it?
  2. Monsters vs Aliens and Ice Age: The Dawn of the Dinosaurs are already out in 3D. The Shrek series should be soon. Some sporting events are being broadcast in 3D. (Information from the most recent Consumer Reports Magazine which had an article on 3D TV.)
  3. In America one needs a cell phone and a computer to function in society (there are exceptions). People selling and improving cell phones and computers are supplying a need. People selling and improving HDTV and 3D-TV are creating the demand. Do we really need these things? I would say no. Will our great great nieces wonder how we ever managed without them? Probably. We wonder how our great great grandparents managed without TV. Some of us wonder how our grandparents managed without cable.


  1. It may take a while for TV, but in movie theaters I expect 2D to soon join the ranks of B&W and silent films.

  2. 3D works a lot better than it used to but you still need the stupid glasses. Unless someone is an avid gamer I don't think that this fits with the casual viewing we do with out TV sets.

    Even with the latest improvements, there are a lot of drawbacks. Read
    why Roger Ebert hates 3-D movies and thinks you should, too.

  3. If only any of us could find a job.

  4. I would argue against "one needs a cell phone" very much. I would argue that many people who have cell phones don't need one and would be better off without one. I do not like it when friends want to 'play it by ear' and shuffles plans at the last minute and just call on the cell phone to make final arrangements on the way. I do not like the argument that many parents make that it lets their child call if they are going to be late. Make a plan. Respect the plan. Be responsible. Be trustworthy.

  5. Cell phones: Point well taken.
    There are certain cases where they really are needed to have: Emergencies and also
    times when you really can't plan ahead.
    But I AGREE- they have also lead to people being less organized because they can be.

    Are the NEEDED in todays society?
    I would still say yes, but perhaps BECAUSE everyone has one and expects you to have one and everyone else is disogranized. So individuals need them but our society as a while would be better off without them.

    Oddly enough, the Amish DO use them.
    See My Sept 24, 2007 post