Monday, March 15, 2010

Central Website for FOCS as a whole (guest post)

(Guest Post by Paul Beame)

There is now a central website for the FOCS conference as a whole here!!

In addition to links to the most recent and upcoming conferences one useful item that is included are locations and direct links to all the past proceedings on the CSDL and IEEExplore since these are not always easy to find from the IEEExplore search feature directly. (CSDL is pretty good). Proceedings from all prior FOCS conferences are up on the website and linked in. (The 50th FOCS is up on CSDL but not yet on IEEExplore.)

FYI: CSDL is the Computer Society's digital library. IEEExplore is for all of IEEE. Institutions subscribe to one or the other. The CSDL is smaller (since it only does the Computer Society) and cheaper and returns more money to the CS than IEEExplore does which is why the two haven't merged.


  1. So that explains why half of the time when I look up IEEE papers I get to a paywall and have to back out and try a different path. You'd think that both libraries would recognize that a paper belongs to their intersection and honor the subscriptions of the other library in that case, but no.

  2. It might be better if there is a wiki-style website where the community can help adding the links to the latest/free/full/journal versions. This might help reducing the number of the promised full versions that never appear as well.