Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mild Request for Guest Posters.

(Deadline to submit a paper to CCC is Dec 15. Depending on when you read this that could be today or in the past.)

As you all know from Lance's last post, Lance is taking a Blog Sabbatical. I will try to have 4-posts-a-week. But not holidays (I may define what a holiday is- like a week when I only have 3 posts I may declare Friday to be a holiday: no-post-day.)

This blog has always been generous about Guest Posts. Mostly people who wanted to guest post did so. More common is the following kind of exchange:

READER: You should do a post on Davenport-Schnitzel Sequences!

LANCE OR BILL: I've got a better idea, why don't you write one and we'll edit it and post it.

READER: Uh. Hmmm. Uh.... never mind.

Now that Lance is on Blog Sabbatical and I still WANT to get something up 4-times-a-week. I offer the following: IF you want to guest post then let me know and we'll see what makes sense. Rather than merely accepting Guest Posts, I am now ASKING for them. If I don't get any guest bloggers then I'll be singing this song:


  1. heads up on accepting current criticsm constructively enough. Thanks for this post, good post!

  2. Remember that quality is better than quantity.

  3. Lance will either cut short his blog sabbatical and return early or he will give you some guest posts during the time.

  4. Yes please don't post 4 times a week. That may be too much information. I think Dick Lipton is doing a fantastic job regarding the frequency and quality of his posts.

  5. someone without a name3:21 PM, December 15, 2009

    oh come on everyone, give billie a chance to redeem all his action and desire to post. i am sure he can post.
    at least, he has to post about the resolution of his puzzle. i am sure it's on the way. it was pointed out that a solution exists but that it wasn't provided.

  6. maybe Anonymous 9 from that infamous post could be a guest blogger...

  7. Davenport-Schinzel: Sequence with limited pairwise alternation.

    Davenport's Schnitzel: British & German fusion cuisine.