Monday, May 18, 2009

Halt is Undecidable in Verse (YES, you've seen it before)

About a month ago I came across a proof that HALT is undecidable in verse! I thought what a great post that would make! Last week I tried to find it again but, alas, I could not. This link did not work on my school computer, but it did on my home computer. I am tempted to say thats odd but its not--- odd computer things that don't make sense are so common that they are no longer odd. Just to make sure I always had a copy I made my own copy which is here.

While searching the web for this poem I came across a posting about it by Lance here. However, the link there no longer works. (Though Lance may read this and fix it.)

If you find something on line that you like SAVE IT! It may go away. Especially if its a Dr. Suess Style poem See this post).


  1. OK, Bill, I saved the PDF to my site too and fixed the link in the old post.

  2. If you find something on line that you like SAVE IT!I like

  3. I think this poem needs one more stanza:

  4. A while ago I wrote a proof of Bertrand's postulate in heroic couplets -- I should probably post that somewhere.