Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Information Overload

Obama says many wonderful things for science. Scott has his take.

The Religion Chair at Columbia wants to end universities as we know it. Mitzenmacher does a good job pointing out the problems in his arguments, especially for CS.

Will the Swine Flu ruin the summer conference season? Probably not, so go register for the Complexity Conference in beautiful Paris and don't forget early registration ends today for STOC in not-quite-as-beautiful Bethesda.


  1. WHO just said that the flu is unstoppable and we are on a track for it to become pandemic in the coming months. Just check out the top page of BBC. WHO is asking governments and people to manage through it.

    So please do not attend unnecessary large gatherings consisting of people coming from different geographies. Confined space of a conference room or an airplane makes it worse. Take direct flights if possible, because it minimizes the exposure to people from diverse geographies. Cut the non-essential travel. If you are not speaking in a conference, then you may be able to cut it. If you do like to support the budget, you may register for the conferences you usually attend.

    By not taking precautions, you not only may make sick yourself but also lengthen the life of the virus and its eventual impact.

  2. I just made my STOC reservation. The hotel was sold out of conference rate rooms, but as a California state employee I was able to get a room for $209 a night.