Thursday, January 29, 2009

Random Thoughts on the Inaugural

RANDOM THOUGHTS on the inaugural. (After this post I will post on politics far less often.)
  1. My colleague Evan Golub went into DC on Tuesday morning of the inaugural and photoblogged his day, much of which was spent on the National Mall awaiting and watching the swearing-in. Here it is: LINK
  2. Most people who I know said they were not going since it was either to cold, to crowded, and they could get a better view on TV (I agree on all three counts). Some said that if they were 20 years younger they would go. But see next item.
  3. The father of a friend of mine went! He is 78 years old! He told me before the inaugural: I didn't think I would see a black man inaugurated as President in my lifetime. I still won't believe it until it really happens. Thats why I want to be there! (He's also a democrat. I wonder what he would have thought if the first black president was a Republican.)
  4. ***SORELLE*** went and blogged about it here.
  5. I actually predicted it would be Obama vs McCain about 2 years ago. (I wish I had put it on record.) The reason: (1) Obama reminded me of Bill Clinton in that he was not known 4 years earlier and had a captivating style. (2) The Republicans tend to give it to someone that is already known, so McCain looked like a good bet.
  6. Predictions for 2012. The Democrats will give the nomination to Obama easily (The last incumbent to not get the nomination was Lyndon Johnson, who didn't want it. Before that it was Chester A. Arthur who didn't want it. Before that it was Andrew Johnson. I don't know if he wanted it.) The Republicans will give it to someone we already know: either Romney or Palin. Perhaps the ticket will be Romney-Palin or Palin-Romney. Are Palin and Romney running? You betcha!
  7. Ben and Jerry's is coming out with an Ice Cream to elebrate the Obama Inagural: Yes Pecan!


  1. He's also a democrat. I wonder what he would have thought if the first black president was a Republican.

    Do people really think there is any chance that a black aspirant can win the republican nomination? How many republican senators are black? How many congressmen?

  2. How many democrat senators are black? The answer is "one more than there are republican black senators")

    The House is a better "argument" since the answer to "How many democrat representatives are black?" has a higher answer (I think 38 or 39).

  3. Here's a question, how often did a black republican lose to a democrat running for congress?

  4. Maryland's former Lieutenant Governor, who is a black Republican, is now the RNC party chairman.

  5. Colin Powell was talked up as a possible Republican candidate in 2000. He chose not to run for family reasons, but I believe he could have been elected if he had run.