Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Moment of Truth

The list of accepted papers for the 2008 IEEE Conference on Computational Complexity has been posted. Since I was on the PC I won't talk about specific papers, though I am very happy with the decisions we made. A special thanks to Paul Beame, the PC chair, who did an excellent job running the electronic PC meeting.

The conference itself will be held June 23-26 on the University of Maryland–College Park Campus, locally organized by Richard Chang, Marius Zimand and our very own Bill Gasarch.


  1. As this will be my first Complexity conference, let me ask a simple question: how do you refer to this conference? CCC? Complexity? It's easy to pronounce FOCS, STOC, and SODA...

  2. I prefer the Israeli "Cchhuh 2007."