Thursday, May 10, 2007

FCRC- deadline for late registration FRIDAY

The DEADLINE for registering for FCRC without paying a late fee is FRIDAY! However,
  1. If you want to help the organizers in terms of allowing them to PLAN better, then register BEFORE the deadline.
  2. If you want to help the organizes in terms of how much MONEY the conference makes then register AFTER the deadline.
  3. To help them out in BOTH ways register ASAP after the deadline.


  1. Or just register now and send in an extra check...

  2. Or just give them an extra check without registration ...

  3. Someone please contribute a controversial post before this blog DIES! :-)

  4. How large would you guess each schools contingent at FCRC will be?

  5. Anon 3. Let's just have a vote about how long it will be before we find a classical polynomial time algorithm for factoring integers. "Never" is an allowed non-controversial anwer :-)

    I'll guess within five years.