Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Academic Road Trip

Jason Teutsch is an Indiana Math Ph.D. student who has been working with me via the CIC Traveling Scholars program. Tomorrow he defends his thesis so today I'm driving Jason and another faculty member and graduate student down to Bloomington. Road Trip!

In graduate school we took these trips quite often. Many conferences meet in the Northeast and we would pile into cars and drive out. A good chance to bond with your fellow students.

Fewer conference meet in the Midwest and in Chicago you tend to fly to travel. But we do have the occasional reason to take the long drive. We will be in a closed environment with no internet (assuming everyone stays off their cell phones). We'll actually have to talk to each other, maybe even try and prove a theorem. How quaint.


  1. I believe this was already the subject of a major motion picture:

  2. Watch out for the ice.