Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You Ask, We Answer

In the ninth Complexitycast, Bill Gasarch and I answer reader's questions. MP3 (25 minutes, 4.3MB)

In the podcast we mentioned posts on finding jobs and the tradeoff between working on reasonable versus difficult problems.


  1. for foreign listners like me lance is a lot better understandable than bill gasarch who seems to be mumbling (or is it a dialect ?).

  2. That's how Bill talks.

  3. It sounded also like a poor connection.

  4. Sorry for the sound quality. I tried something new, a Skype call to Bill's phone. I'll work on ways to improve the audio in future podcasts.

  5. Bill was mumbling
    thats how Bill talks
    it was a poor connection.

    Not a dialect- but usually the complaint
    is that I talk to fast, not that I mumble.
    Might amount to the same thing.

    On a different note- Phone is diff than in
    person since you can't read visual cues
    from the other person. Maybe we'll try
    a video and phone hookup next time.

    bill g.

  6. On the topics of jobs and the size of the community: Many advisors at the better departments (where most theory reserachers are trained) do a poor job preparing their non-star students for the job market at the not-so-good departments where they will eventually have to find employment. In the less-than-good departments, theory candidates often have to compete with systems candidates, and the academic depth of their research is but one consideration. I know we have lost opportunities to hire theoreticians because of this.

  7. From #5:

    does it mean

    you talk to fast (not eat)


    you talk (and type) too fast