Monday, May 22, 2006

STOC Business Meeting

Howdy from Seattle. Here's some highlights from the STOC business meeting.

78 papers accepted out of a record 288 submissions.

There were 275 registrants including 109 students. Rooms at the conference hotel ran out slightly before deadline and the organizers scrambled to find rooms at a nearby hotel. Be sure and reserve your hotel early in the future.

As of January 2, Bill Steiger has become the new program director for theoretical computer science at the NSF. He expects to fund 15-20+ awards from an estimated 100 theoretical computer science submissions to the Theoretical Foundations solicitation due this Thursday.

Richard Karp gave a long talk about the activities of the SIGACT Funding Committee. More on this in a future post.

Tom Leighton won the SIGACT Distinguished Service Award. The best student paper award winner was split between Anup Rao for Extractors for a Constant Number of Polynomial Min-Entropy Independent Sources and Jakob Nordström for Narrow Proofs May Be Spacious: Separating Space and Width in Resolution. The best paper award went to Irit Dinur for The PCP Theorem by Gap Amplification.

FOCS 2006 October 22-24 in Berkeley. STOC 2007 June 11-13 in San Diego as part of FCRC. STOC 2008 in Victoria, British Columbia May 18-20.


  1. Lance,

    On the subject of distinguished service awards, I do not recall whether you posted the news that the EATCS Distinguished Service Award 2006 will be presented during ICALP 2006 in Venice to Mike Paterson in recognition of his outstanding scientific contributions to theoretical computer science.

    This news might be of interest to the readers of your excellent blog.

  2. Are you saying that the PC chair of the conference and committee are all decided two years in advance?