Thursday, April 28, 2005

My Mouse and Me

Today is take your daughter (and son) to work day so today's post is written by Annie Fortnow (age 10) on the topic of her choice.

This is a Dell Computer. It has 3 different parts. The first part is the screen. The screen is were you see what you are typing. The next part is the keyboard. The keyboard is the place were you type. The last part is the mouse. It is my favorite part because it helps me to click on the things that I want to click on.

There are many other parts of a Dell Computer. Those are the parts that I recognize the most. But the mouse is my favorite part. The mouse comes in many different shapes and sizes. On a laptop the mouse is either a circle in the middle, a square at the end, or both. On a regular computer the mouse is either an oval, a trackball, or looking like a mouse.

The mouse is a really important part of the computer. I will always keep mine in handy.


  1. "the mouse is either a circle in the middle, a square at the end, or both"

    I thought that a mouse was a little animal with a long tail?!?

  2. Great, I really enjoyed it!

  3. I'd like to have a mouse shaped like a mouse. Where can you get those critters?

  4. Nice post :) Kudos to Douglas Engelbart for inventing the mouse.

  5. Engelbart? Didn't you know it was H�kan Lans (swedish inventor, also holder of patent of graphic cards) :)