Monday, February 07, 2005

The Super Bowl Parties

My old apartment-mate Eric Schwabe came over to watch the game last night and brought along old posters he had from the Super Bowl parties we used to throw as grad students at MIT. The Lance Fortnow Super Bowl Party continued at MIT after I left with a much larger crowd in my absence. A few years later it morphed into the Who the Hell is Lance Fortnow Super Bowl Party. Around this time (about 1992) an MIT student was excited to meet me at STOC not because of any research I had done but because he had been to "my" party. Eventually even the memory of the memory of me faded away and so did the party.

What happens now? We invited a few friends over for the game, every single one of which left early to put their respective kids to bed.


  1. I was more excited to watch the cartoons that aired immediately after the game. Maybe I'll start a "Who the hell is Lance Fortnow 'American Dad'" party...

  2. This is a truely funny story :)

    I wish I had stories like this ....