Thursday, September 04, 2003

Institute of Advanced Study

The Institute will be quite a complexity powerhouse this year. In addition to IAS fixtures Wigderson and Razborov, visiting are Russell Impagliazzo, Manindra Agrawal (with his students Kayal and Saxena at Princeton) and postdocs Boaz Barak, Subhash Khot, Ryan O'Donnell and Nate Segerland. These are just the ones I met yesterday during a short visit several weeks before their semester officially begins. We'll expect great things from them.

Here is a question we thought about yesterday, posed by Ryan O'Donnell and ultimately settled by Boaz Barak:

Exhibit an NP-complete language L, such that for all lengths n≥1, L contains exactly half (2n-1) of the strings of length n.

Think about it. I'll post the proof next week.

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