Thursday, May 02, 2019

The Next Chapter

I've accepted a position as Dean of the College of Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago starting in August. It's an exciting opportunity to really build up the sciences and computing in the city that I have spent the bulk of my academic career and grew to love.

I had a fantastic time at Georgia Tech over the last seven years working with an incredible faculty, staff and students in the School of Computer Science. This is a special place and I enjoyed watching the school, the institute and the City of Atlanta grow and evolve.

After I tweeted the news yesterday, Bill Cook reminded me that
Illinois Tech was the long-time home of Karl Menger, the first person to pose the problem of determining the complexity of the TSP. Now you can settle it!
I wouldn't bet on my settling the complexity of traveling salesman even if I didn't have a college to run. But it goes to remind us that wherever you go in life, P and NP will be right there waiting for you. 

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