Sunday, August 07, 2016

A Game Theory Conference! That sounds like fun!

Bill: Lance just came back from Games, a conference on Game Theory.

Darling: That sound like fun! From what you tell me there is some nice math behind
Monopoly(see here for a paper on Monopoly as a Markov Process), Risk (see here for a paper on using Markov chains in the game Risk. Was Markov a game player?) and other FUN games.

Bill: Uh, I don't think they talked much about those kinds of games.

Darling: Darn. Did they talk about those really boring math games like Dup-Spoiler games, those games that AD is about, Gale-Stewart Games, Banach-Mazur games, Martingales, Pebble games, Communication complexity games. Oh, and Combinatorial games like NIM which can be sort of fun.Or did they talk about computers that play Chess and similar games? Or did they have talks on things like Chess being EXPTIME complete. Or did they talk about the Unique Game Conjecture.

Bill: Most of the talks were about setting up a system so that all players acting in their own best interest is also good for the system. Like an auction system where it is a players best interest to bid what they actually think the item is worth.

Darling: So there are no Games at a Game Theory conference?

Bill: There were a few papers on Poker, but that's it.

Darling: They should change the name of the field.

Bill:  Lance tells me that Ehud Kalai has suggested  Game Science. 

Darling: So long as the word Game is in the title they should have fun games there. Oh well.


  1. Talking of games remind me of your post I think that you should correct the errors in it, as everyone might not read all the comments.

    1. Thanks for reminder. I fixed it. If its still wrong then email please email me privately rather than have comments on this blog be about that blog.

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  2. Darn it just a few papers on Poker, which nobody finds fun.