Sunday, September 22, 2013

STOC CFP still delayed- but I was asked to pass this along

Since there were comments on the blog about the STOC and CCC CFP not being out yet I mailed various people who are in-the-know. I got email from David Shmoys  (STOC PC chair 2014) telling me
(1)  The  STOC the call is still delayed,
(2)  There is a website about it, here, that is INCORRECT - the REAL deadline for submission will be Nov 11, 2013 (4PM east coast time.)
(3) Please post this correction on complexity blog.
(So I just did.)

Note that Lance and I are NOT involved with the organization of STOC or CCC. The blog entry is just passing along information.


  1. Thanks Bill for your initiative to email the PC chairs. Maybe the PC chair for CCC 14 will also wake up sometime soon.

  2. Dieter van Melkebeek11:19 AM, September 25, 2013

    I'm the chair of the steering committee for CCC. I usually don't read blogs but someone pointed me to the above anonymous comment. Although the underlying question is certainly valid, I find the phrasing disrespectful towards the CCC'14 PC chair, who is the most proactive person I have interacted with in my capacity as steering committee chair.

    As I told Bill and Lance two weeks ago, the CFP for CCC'14 was essentially ready in July but had to be postponed for reasons that are outside of the control of anyone involved in the organization of CCC'14.

    It's good to ask questions but please be considerate in your phrasing, especially when you post anonymously. Thanks.

  3. Maybe we need a trustworthy deadlines website. If there are reasons a CFP cannot be posted, at least the deadline should be known well ahead of time. Yes, we can approximate the deadline by extrapolating from previous years, but sometimes travel or other plans must be made.

  4. I'm NOT the anonymous above, but just out of curiosity, what caused the CFP posting to be postponed?

  5. It was ready but could not be posted? I am also curious...

  6. Dieter van Melkebeek11:25 AM, October 07, 2013

    Someone informed me that there are follow-up questions.

    In response to the anonymous comment of 9/26 at 5:36pm, the decision about the submission deadline was precisely the reason why the CFP needed to be postponed. If you are referring to the dates of the actual conference, those have been available on the CCC home page for a long time - see

    In response to the anonymous comments of 9/26 at 6:08pm and of 10/5 at 5:29am, I deliberately didn't reveal the external reason as it would just elicit further questions to an outsider. I do not know myself what delayed that person. I didn't ask as it does not matter to CCC, I trust that person has good reasons, I suspect that the situation is probably too complex to explain in a few sentences, and I would rather have that person spend cycles on making the right decisions (or doing research for that matter) than explain to me what happened.