Friday, August 20, 2010

NSF Updates

Many changes at the National Science Foundation both in programs and personnel. Some highlights of upcoming CISE programs.
Unlike conference deadlines, NSF and other grants change frequently. If you are a US academic you should subscribe to the CISE emails and RSS feeds (see here) or check the Theory Matters Funding Page often.

For personnel, let's work our way up. Richard Beigel, a theory program director, is finishing his term and heading back to Temple. There was a part-time replacement chosen but looks like that will be delayed. Might be a slower turn-around on theory grants this year. Tracy Kimbrel stays on as a program director.

Susanne Hambrusch will become the new director of CCF, the division of CISE that funds most of theory. Susanne replaces Sampath Kannan who is returning to Penn. 

The search for a new CISE head (called Assistant Director) to replace the already departed Jeannette Wing continues but no announcements yet.

MIT Engineering Dean Subra Suresh has been nominated by Obama for NSF Director and awaits congressional approval. 

The NSF budget process for next year looks good so far but there has been talk of a congressional freeze on most domestic activities. The NSF is preparing for both possibilities.


  1. some nsf-(ever)funded project is just delving into massive coding, since Godel till the apocalypse. sometimes, we receive the fund not in US$

  2. MIT's Mike Sipser is idiotic. Unable to solve anything for decades.

  3. Michael Sipser is an idiot.

  4. its not a person who had (a) (short, neat) communication with Mike years ago that committed to the above comments. in addition, he said about it to one of his friend

  5. hypercomputation community still benefits well from NSF. its nice, sort of

  6. Ketan Mulmuley=Vinay Deolalikar

  7. Mike is smart. He has written a collection of short stories in Introduction to theorey of computation.
    Everything he knows he has put in there.


    I have to believe these comments are the work of one troll, comments did not use to be so idiotic here.

    Now I see what Lance is complaining about.

  9. Anon 6. is not being racist. Both are connected to the grand supreme Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay campus.

    Vinay Deolalikar

    Masters in Electrical Engineering (5-year) Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, July 1994. Dissertation: New approaches to learning and classification in feedforward neural networks

    Ketan Mulmuley
    Visiting Professor
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology
    Powai, Mumbai 400076, India

  10. Add Subra Suresh to the list

    Bachelor of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, 1977

    Subra will help Obama in his hand-waving and writing 100 page reports for NSF!

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