Friday, June 22, 2007

Possibly GRANT opp!

The Computing Community Consortium (CCC- they stole our acronym!) new proposal for grants solication right here. This proposal calls for new visions in computer science that could use some seed funding. It would be good to have some TCS visions submitted to this program.

The talks at FCRC from the CCC were quite good. The slides for these talks are here,

I went to Ed Lazowska's talk and it was excellent. I heard that Christos Papadimitriou's talk was excellent and of course that is the one closer to our hearts (I am assuming that mostly theorists read this blog, Hmmm- I actually hope that that is incorrect and that we are promoting interdisplinary-stuff. Idea for grant: using blogs to promote Cutting aCross fields Conversation, abbreviated CCC.) The other talks I didn't hear anything about but the slides look pretty good.

SO, if you have a vision within TCS that seems approrpriate apply! Read over the proposal- don't let the word `vision' scare you. Visions come in all shapes and sizes.

(Thanks to Lance Fortnow for the information and suggestion that I make a blog posting out of it.) ~

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