Monday, February 27, 2006

NSF Theory Solicitation Announced

The NSF posted the new Theoretical Foundations program solicitation, due date May 25.

The solicitation divides the program into three areas, "Scientific Foundations for Computing", "Scientific Foundations for Communication" and a new area "Scientific Foundations for Internet's Next Generation" (SING) part of the GENI Initiative. Computational Complexity falls into the first area though all of these areas ask important theoretical questions.

The NSF now allows you to submit via instead of Fastlane unless you have a (A) Collaborative Proposal or (B) Subawards. They should also add (C) Don't use Windows.


  1. From the Washington Post article: The overall system, under construction by Northrop Grumman under a $22 billion federal contract...

    I have had encounters with this industry and understand their pricing methods, but this is still stunning.

  2. The Washington Post now has this on the top:
    Correction to This Article
    A Feb. 13 Federal Page article misstated the cost of the federal program. It is $22 million, not $22 billion.

    If there is anything stunning here, it's the Washington Post confusing millions and billions.