Sunday, January 29, 2006

Too Many Conferences, Too Little Time

First thanks to Bill Gasarch for his interesting takes on academic life. Another person who should have his own blog.

I missed SODA again this year, but Suresh and Jeff had it covered. Actually I've never been to SODA and have never missed Complexity, which says much more about me than about the conferences.

I also missed the QIP (Quantum CS) conference a week before (I have been to a couple of QIPs in years gone by). Would have been worth it just to see Scott Aaronson's dinner speech but I had to settle for hearing it instead.

And a shout out to everyone at the Kolmogorov Dagstuhl just underway. Let's hope the roof stays on this time.

Speaking of conferences, the STOC accepted papers list should come out this week. Keep tuned.

1 comment:

  1. "Let's hope the roof stays on this time."

    One should not speak lighlty about falling roofs these days, in the light of what happened in Katowice on Saturday:

    Anyway, nice post.